​Have you ever thought about what if or how much you could change things in this world just by volunteering or giving up a specialty cup of coffee a week to make a difference for someone else? What if it was you or your loved one that needed a helping hand? Would you want someone to help? Please join us and together, we will be COURAGEOUS as we fight the good fight and CARE for others who need us to offer a helping hand.

Will you be someone who would like to make a real, positive and significant difference in the world? If you are interested, we prayerfully request that you please contact us through either by phone or here on our site through our "contact us" page to apply. Adult volunteers from all walks of life, blue collar, white collar, medical or healthcare professionals, to those who just want to help sweep floors or clear off tables, are always in demand here at Rehoboth Springs Ranch through Courageous Care Family Foundation, Inc. Helping hands and a servant's heart are always welcomed to assist our very special and precious guests in their greatest battle.

                                                                                      Thank you for your consideration.