At C.C.F.F., children are an intricate part of many adult’s journeys. So for us, we want to ensure that our “special little guests” are cared for. We are proud to introduce, “Little Sugars Day Camp”. “Little Sugars Day Camp” is not a daycare where Mom and Dad or Grandma and Grandpa can just “drop the kids off at” so they can “get rid of them” for a few hours and they can go “play”. This is special!

Our goal is to make these special little guest's visit and experience one that they will never forget.

Our other goal is to make a positive and real difference in their lives. We want them to want to be here. We will have first class facilities for kids. The amenities will include a well- designed day camp building with state of the art security, entry and check-in stations, tvs, computers, game stations with family friendly and parent - approved games, library, over-sized playroom, and outdoor playground with well suited, safe and age appropriate equipment, musical instruments, theatre area, age friendly classrooms, craft area, gym, with supervised fun and exercise on gymnastic equipment, and a family friendly petting zoo. The kids will have fun-filled days enjoying indoor and outdoor activities on many of the other amenities as well.

 Our vision and goal here at Little Sugars Day Camp, is to provide an amazing experience for our guests ages 3-16. We will be offering an amazing and fun-filled, facility encompassed with well qualified, loving and caring staff and volunteers in order for our young guests to have a safe, and fun environment in which to experience Rehoboth Springs Ranch. Kids need quality, positive attention in everyday life, and going through a close loved one challenged with a terminal diagnosis of cancer can be very stressful. Because of this, we will strive to make each child feel welcomed and loved.  Little Sugars Day Camp, is a very special place for special guests and just the place for them to receive plenty of it.

We will afford them well planned, supervised and safe indoor and outdoor activities in conjunction with classes and equipment in a structured fun environment on which to experience, each day they are in attendance. It is of the utmost importance and imperative to the Godby family and C.C.F.F., the kids not be “left out” or feel neglected in any way, while visiting our home, Rehoboth Springs Ranch.

We would like to ensure that your children feel safe, loved and cared about by our staff while they are our guests here on the Ranch. We want the kids to look so forward to coming to “Little Sugars Day Camp” and be overjoyed with the possibility of coming to visit us each day, that they can’t hardly finish their breakfast each morning! We will work hard to have their level of anticipation be so high that they can’t wait to come “play” with us and will look so forward to each day of fun-filled activities, that they won’t want to leave the Ranch!

The first and foremost goal of the Godby family and our non-profit organization, Courageous Care Family Foundation, Inc., is to be a blessing and to make a real and significant difference in as many people's lives as possible that we touch. As a faith-based, Christian organization, we strive to improve the lives of ambulatory adults affected by the challenges of being diagnosed with a chronic, terminal disease, and for the caregivers who together as a family, need help, hope and healing, on their journey.

Vision Statement

We are dedicated and passionate in providing encouragement in love, through spiritual, emotional and limited financial support to families of adults challenged by life-threatening, terminal cancer or other life-threatening chronic illnesses.

Mission Statement

We’re passionate about helping families challenged by cancer or chronic, terminal illnesses, by assisting them as they find help, hope and healing through love, on their journey with cancer or terminally diagnosed illnesses. Our number one goal is to provide a peaceful and tranquil environment, centered on faith-based, Christian principals, for families of adults, professionally and medically diagnosed, challenged by life-threatening cancer or other life-threatening chronic terminal illnesses to enjoy.



Shereice & Billy Godby


Courageous Care Project was created, “For Special Memories”. Courageous Care Family Foundation, Inc., (C.C.F.F.) is like no other non-profit in America. There is no other type of organization in America that cares for and focuses on Adults diagnosed with terminal diseases*, in this capacity.

Our vision and goals will be to cater to ambulatory adults and their immediate families or caregiver(s)* from all over the United States facing a terminal diagnosis of various forms of Cancers, Parkinson's Disease, Alzheimer’s, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Multiple Sclerosis and other terminally diagnosed diseases*. We will work with multiple referral bases on an ongoing basis, to help bring families together for a once in a lifetime experience, including churches, hospitals, several cancer specialty hospitals, doctor's offices and other accredited facilities as well to bring help, hope and healing to families.  

C.C.F.F. in conjunction with the Godby family, will be able to offer these ambulatory adult patients and their immediate families or their caregiver. a 6 day, 5 night  an inclusive*, expense paid*, for qualified and approved patients, vacation to enjoy, once all of the legalities are finalized and construction is completed for the facilities.

 We are working to acquire and close on the property we have found. We plan to begin a capital campaign in the fall of 2017, in conjunction with planning and possible construction in 2017. This year will be a period of much work to bring this vision and dream to fruition. 

Our scheduled opening date is spring - summer 2018 and completion for the whole project by fall of 2019*. We will be naming the property, “Rehoboth Springs Ranch”. “Rehoboth Springs Ranch” will be a full scale, luxury resort style ranch, offering a wide variety of amenities for ambulatory, diagnosed and qualified adults and children to enjoy. Our goal is to ensure this will be an opportunity “For Special Memories” to be made by each family who visits.

Each referred adult patient must meet the qualifications and guidelines required to be a guest at Rehoboth Springs Ranch. There are health requirements and criteria for each patient over the age of eighteen, that must be met to be considered for the safety of the potential guests and their caregiver(s). Each patient referral will be carefully screened to ensure their safety and protection, as well as for other guests and for C.C.F.F. and Rehoboth Springs Ranch. We hope that you will share our passion and concern for all parties involved. We want to ensure that everyone has a safe and wonderful experience while visiting us.

Our facilities are second to none. World class outdoor amenities will include: a community clubhouse with a swimming pool and weight room facility*, outdoor patio facilities with a fire pit and outdoor televisions, hiking and biking trails, horseback riding*, basketball, tennis, baseball, soccer and football fields, rock climbing*, canoeing*, kayaking*, zip line*, paint ball course*, shooting and archery range*, fishing, horse shoe pits, corn hole boards, outdoor chess boards, Bocce ball, shuffle board, snack bar, four wheelers*, white water rafting*, golf*, skiing and snowboarding* ice skating*, snowshoeing* and ice climbing*.

The indoor amenities will include: a well-designed and beautifully furnished lobby and entry area, a full service day spa offering a sauna and personal massage*, indoor swimming pool and hot tub, a hair and nail salon, a tea room for ladies and men as well to enjoy*, a craft and sewing room, gift shop, library, photo gallery and shop, theatre for movies and family entertainment, a gymnasium with volleyball, basketball, indoor walking track, racquetball*, weight facility and workout area*, dance and exercise classes, a sports and game room for adults to experience sporting events, billiards, table tennis, foosball, air hockey, video and pin ball games in, that is second to none*, a small bowling alley*, an internet café and business center*, a chapel for non-denominational services, a family TV room, laundry rooms on multiple floors, a lovely full-service dining room to enjoy amazing home-made meals together as a family or individually, snack bar, bistro, and a cafe featuring homemade recipes from our founder, Shereice Godby and her family, using fresh ingredients from our very own organically grown vegetables and natural fed cattle, bison and chickens. 

Courageous Care Family Foundation, Inc. and the Godby family are totally committed to raising the funds to make these dreams a reality for hundreds of families each year to enjoy, for a once in a lifetime vacation, on Rehoboth Springs Ranch,  "For Special Memories", to be made at, and for many years to come. This is our home and we want each person who is presented with the opportunity to visit Rehoboth Springs Ranch, through C.C.F.F., to enjoy being our guests and enjoy the experience as much or more than any other vacation they have ever had in their lifetime. 

As the original founders of Courageous Care Family Foundation, Billy and Shereice Godby had a dream laid on their hearts to help families facing cancer in the summer of 2010, after he was diagnosed with stage 4 aggressive prostate cancer on May 4, 2007 at age 45. There were little to no symptoms and no previous family history of this type of cancer. Several of their immediate family members and close friends were diagnosed with cancer, fought bravely, but sadly, lost their battles.

The Godbys know far too well, the challenges and struggles that dreaded diseases can bring, as several of their family members have been touched by varying forms of Cancer, Parkinson's disease, Diabetes and Heart Disease. This coupled by Billy's terminal diagnosis is the "why" for them as founders of C.C.F.F. and Rehoboth Springs Ranch to reach out to families that are searching "for hope, help and healing". 

 When they began their journey after Billy was given his diagnosis and started battling cancer over ten years ago, there was little to no help for the caregivers and family members of cancer and terminally diagnosed patients of this magnitude. So Shereice, as Billy’s primary caregiver, began meeting other diagnosed patients and caregivers one on one and at the support groups they founded. Through all of her experiences, she quickly learned, and strongly believes the phrase for her and others like her, “caregivers battle, suffering in silence”. It is sad, but so true for so many caregivers and their children.

They have met hundreds upon hundreds of hurting, broken-hearted, stressed, lonely, sad, angry, scared, struggling, confused, and weary family members that just need a little help, hope and healing to continue to make it through each day on the journey they have been on. This is truly where their heart is and the Godby's passion lies. Helping the caregivers and the immediate family is critical to assist in caring for a diagnosed patient. If the caregiver and complete family are in a good place to have an opportunity to heal their broken-hearts, heal mentally and emotionally, our hope and prayer is, that they will be able to better care for the patient. Then maybe, the family has a better chance to fight the battle they are facing on their journey and winning this courageous battle.

Once the patients and families are our guests on the Ranch, they are then a part of our C.C.F.F. family* and we will have monthly or quarterly contact with each family through personal contact or various media outlets. We will strive to ensure and work to make them feel loved, concerned about and cared for by each member of our staff, to the best of our ability.

If you or your family has ever been touched by a terminal diagnosis of cancer or other terrible and terminal disease, then surely you can understand what it is like to hurt so badly and what it is like to feel all alone on the journey. Our vision is to ensure that the guests that come to our Rehoboth Spring Ranch, never have to walk their road alone again.

(Little Sugars Day Camp) 


The Godby Family

Have you ever thought about how much you could change things just by volunteering or giving up a specialty cup of coffee a week to make a difference for someone else? What if it was you or your loved one that needed a helping hand? Would you want someone to help? Please join us and together, we will be COURAGEOUS as we fight the good fight and CARE for others who need us to offer a helping hand. Contact us for volunteer opportunities.

​"Our Story"

Welcome to Courageous Care Family Foundation, Inc. (C.C.F.F.)
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