On a journey with a diagnosed chronic illness, most patients and their caregivers have questions and may not be sure where to turn for answers that are applicable to their particular situation. We hope this section will bring some light to yours.


What is Courageous Care Family Foundation, Inc. (C.C.F.F.)?

Courageous Care Family Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization that helps patients and their families or caregivers find help, hope and healing through: 

  • education from various resources 
  • family and caregiver ongoing support
  • the opportunity to experience a vacation of a lifetime for the immediate family and or caregiver for a week (5-7 days) for confirmed, diagnosed terminally ill patients.

Who started C.C.F.F.?

Billy and Shereice Godby, and their three sons, B.J., Tyler, and Timmy, are the founders of the foundation, after being on their own journey. Billy was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer in May of 2007. He has been a patient at Cancer Treatment Centers of America since he was originally diagnosed. He began his treatment at the Tulsa facility and due to insurance mandates, moved to the Zion/Chicago facility and has been a patient there since November 2008. 


Why did they start Courageous Care Family Foundation?

The Godby family beilieves God has a plan for their lives. Their family has been touched multiple times by cancer. Billy's younger brother Tim, was challenged by Burkett's Lymphoma at the age of twenty. Tim battled for nine months before he lost that battle a few weeks before his twenty-first birthday.

When Billy was being evaluated, going through the testing and then diagnosed with prostate cancer, it was a very challenging time for the Godbys once again. Only this time, Billy & Shereice had their own family, B.J. and Tyler,  two college age boys, and their youngest Tim, three weeks away from graduating high school.

Three months after he was diagnosed, Billy's mother Faye lost her battle with Diabetes as a double amputee in renal failure. Within the last five years, Billy's dad Bill, was diagnosed with Colon cancer and his sister Cindy was diagnosed with a rare and very aggressive form of breast cancer. Tyler, the Godby's middle son lost his fiance at age thirty to ductal breast cancer.

 Shereice's family has also been touched with cancer and chronic, terminal diseases. She has lost five grandparents to various forms of lung, brain, stomach and ovarian cancers, and her uncles and cousin were diagnosed with renal, sinus and thyroid cancers. One of her great-grandmothers struggled with a chronic heart condition for many years and her other grandmother had a form of Parkinson's disease. Recently, her dad, Billy Miller, a diagnosed Parkinson's patient with a chronic heart condition himself for many years, lost his battle at age seventy-one. Forty-five minutes prior to loosing her dad, she lost one of her best friends, to a form of leukemia. They have also had senveral of their closest friends diagnosed or have also lost their battles with cancer as well.

The Godbys understand chronic, terminal diagnoses and the many challenges they can present. They were unsuccessful in finding the loving, caring and Christian-based support groups that they desperately needed on their own personal journey. That is why they are so passionate about helping families and caregivers to ensure the lives they are able to touch are enriched and those families will never walk their journeys alone.


What is Rehoboth Springs Ranch and how is C.C.F.F. associated with it?

Rehoboth Springs Ranch is a dream of a lifetime and part of the "mega vision" of CCFF for the Godby family. It will be designed to be a luxury resort style ranch for their invited guest families to enjoy, that have been referred through Courageous Care Family Foundation, Inc. and their various referral sources to come and enjoy to "create lasting memories of a lifetime".

The Ranch will be a well- designed, well equipped resort style facility that will comfortably meet the needs of their guests. There will be plenty of indoor as well as outdoor activities and scenery to enjoy. The Godbys will also have livestock including horses, cattle, bison and chickens that will be utilizing the facilities. 

The ranch will have herds of cattle, bison and horses. There will also be chickens, and various animals for a small petting zoo which the whole family can enjoy.  All of our animals will be fed a natural and organic diet of the best grasses and nutrients fitting for each one, that we can give them. 

There are plans to have a organic gardens that will supply various fruits and vegetables to enjoy by everyone on the property throughout the growing season. During the remaining months outside the growing season, it is a top priority that the same level of organic food grown on the Ranch to continue for their guests. So they will be reaching out to local growers to assist with providing the best level of food possible that they can provide for their guests to be delivered. 


How are patients and their families referred or how can they be referred to Courageous Care Family Foundation, Inc.?

There are several referral sources that C.C.F.F. will work through to welcome guests to the Godby's facility, Rehoboth Springs Ranch. They include cancer treatment facilities, churches, doctors, the C.C.F.F. website, CCF Events & Expos across the United States and by word of mouth referrals from friends and families to C.C.F.F. 

When will the ranch be in operation to welcome guests?

The Godbys are working feverishly to acquire the property and hope to begin construction plans in the fall of 2018. The hope and plans are to be able to open and be operational to welcome guests into the fall and winter of 2019. We will continue to strive to expedite the construction as quickly, and safely as possible to ensure our facilities will be built with state of the art equipment and to the best of our abiity, so we can begin operations as soon as possible.


How can people help?

First and foremost, C.C.F.F needs financial assistance. We have several levels of donations available to accommodate each donor. Any one time donation, membership levels on an ongoing monthly basis or sponsorship levels will help. With each type and level of donation, there are benefits. Please refer to and review our donation page to see which level and type best meets your needs and ability to give. We welcome any and all donations in paving the way to assist and host families to come to Rehoboth Springs Ranch.

Courageous Care Family Foundation,vInc. also welcomes volunteers to bring assistance in reaching out to families while at the facilities. There are many levels of volunteers that we will needed as we begin this project.

 Licensed professionals such as medical personnel, i.e., nurses, physician assistants, doctors, E.M.T. and nurses' aides will be needed on an on-going basis. Other licensed and or certified professionals may include, attorneys, architects, police personnel, fire fighters, construction workers, and mechanics, as well as construction workers and those in the building trades who are willing to donate their time to make a difference. Volunteers are also welcome that have extensive experience with livestock and in ranching.

Please contact us through our site on our "contact us" page or give us a call for more information.